Allow us to lead you down an irreversible path that results in being capable only of laughing at fucked up shit. We illuminate the path less traveled with something you will come to crave: a potent strain of realism, fantasy, horror and humor fused seamlessly in a single serving.

We come from a tradition of copyright infringement and irreverence that can be found in the work of artists like Richard Prince, and Harmony Korine, Rocco’s early 90’s World Industries skate culture, and the cryptic almost poetic philosopher Jean Baudrillard. These kinds of attitudes were maybe represented by the once vital (but long since pedestrian and overrated punk movement of the late ’70s).  There is hardly better an example of mainstream recuperation than the predictable uniform of today’s fashion punks, the ubiquitous recycling of 90’s alternative fashion by the most middle of the mall, beige curtain personalities on Instagram and the proliferation of face tattoos and sleeves that read more like the hallmark of a trust fund than an irrevocable commitment to life on the margin.

Are you one dimensional, petty and humorless? Do you rely on social proof because you can’t figure out for yourself what is and isn’t cool? Are you a fuc boi standing in line overnight to buy brands spread thinner by merchandising than the Star Wars franchise?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions then we aren’t for you.

We offer exclusivity based not on price but on a willingness to rep fucked up shit.  Let’s face it, looking the part just isn’t enough these days.  If you want to become a true freak then you need a lot more than mere fashion to demonstrate that you aren’t just another mindless member of the bewildered herd.  If you truly aspire to be your own person then let us be a light unto your path.

Actually I’m just trying to sell you on a dream and take you for everything you’ve got.