What is Health Collective?

What is Health Collective?

Consider us your guide to the estranged affinities between the fucked up and the funny, the political and the absurd.  We are your lamp, gaslighting the path to obscure cult references and illegal appropriation.  We show the chosen few something you have scarcely seen before: a potent combination of harsh realism and pure fantasy with disturbing horror and gut-wrenching comedy, all together and at once in a single serving.

We come from a tradition of copyright infringement and irreverence that can be found in Rocco’s early 90’s World Industries, artists like Richard Prince, Barbara Kruger and philosophies like the Situationist International.  These kinds of attitudes were adopted by the once vital but long since pedestrian and overrated punk movement of the late 70’s.  There is hardly better an example of mainstream recuperation (aka coopting) than the predictable uniform of fashion punks, the ubiquitous recycling of 90’s alternative styles by the most middle of the mall, beige curtain personalities on Instagram and the proliferation of face tattoos and sleeves that read more like hallmarks of a trust fund than an irrevocable commitment to a hard life on the margin.

I know we sound like bitter assholes here and to an extent we are. But don’t get us wrong. We love face tats and internet goths with dog collars as much as the next person. But let’s face it, looking the part just isn’t enough these days. If you want to be in with the real outsiders then you need to find something more than mere fashion to demonstrate that you are on the level.

Are you one dimensional, petty and humorless? Do you depend on “social proof” because you can’t figure out for yourself what is and isn’t cool? Are you a fuccboi who can’t wait for the opportunity to stand in line all night long for brands spread thinner by merchandising than the Star Wars franchise?

If you answered yes to any of the above then Health Collective simply isn’t for you. We don’t foster consumerist exclusivity based on price point and tired clichés. We inform and facilitate a community of cultural revolutionaries who understand and project the kind of demented and hilarious perspectives that only the precocious and irreverent can handle. Health Collective is not for most people. That said, If being a true freak at the fore is what you are really about… then let us be a light unto your path.